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:iconbadb0ys:BADB0YS posted a status
OwO fun story.
So I was talking with our sub yesterday and she brought up an incident that happened at our school last year. So, it was gym class and the middle school was sharing their gym with us high schoolers, since our gym was getting the floors re done. So, the sub was in for the 7th grade gym class and they were playing kickball. Now, someone went and kicked the ball into the ceiling, which has the sprinklers into it. There's a meshy wire near it so when the ball hit it, it came loose. Nobody noticed until the sub, being pretty cool, called out "FIRST PERSON TO GET A HOME RUN ILL BUY A SUBWAY SUB!" So of course, the next person up kicks the ball as hard as they can. The ball goes into the ceiling and suddenly the fire alarm starts going off and BLACK water starts pouring down. Now what had happened was the mesh screen that was loose had fell and the ball went past it, hitting the sprinklers. The sprinklers are SUPER old and had never been used before so the water had become black, FUCKING BLACK, and smelled like rotten eggs. The water POURED, I MEAN IT LOOKED LIKE A FUCKING WATER FALL, and FLOODED the gym (there was about 3 inches of black water in the fucking floor). The superintendent came and took a video, which I'm sad I didn't take but the water was POURING OUT AND IT WAS JET BLACK, PLUS IT WAS FLOODING THE GYM XD. Nobody got hurt but gym turned into study hall until the floor and the actual gym got fixed XD.

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